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How to write a winning exhibition stand brief

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How to write a winning exhibition stand brief

When you’re busy planning events, the last thing you want to do is write an exhibition stand brief – or any brief for that matter. But briefs are an important process in realising your vision, saving time (and money) and making sure your exhibition stand design is spot on the first time around.

From our perspective, having a good, solid brief in place means that we can provide you with an accurate quote and are clear on your requirements from the outset. This means, when we’re designing and building your exhibition stand, we know what we need to do in order to tick all of the boxes.

The more detailed the brief, the better. But, of course, some elements are more valuable – and relevant – than others when it comes to exhibition stand design. Based on our extensive experience of designing and building stands for customers around the world for 25+ years, we’ve listed the details that are needed to write the best exhibition stand brief around.

Make sure your exhibition stand brief includes this information:

  • Show and venue details – including website links
  • Stand size and orientation (plus, any other special measurements)
  • Your overall goals and objectives
  • The main functions of your stand (i.e. making sales, demonstrations, networking, hospitality, private meetings etc.)
  • Who your target audience is and what they will be coming to you for
  • Your latest marketing messages
  • Full brand guidelines
  • Examples of any previous marketing collateral/stand designs (including what you like/don’t like, worked well/didn’t work well)
  • What you want your stand to look like (include examples of ideas, if possible)
  • Details of any types of tech, lighting and furniture you would like to incorporate
  • How you want visitors to feel when they arrive/leave
  • Any themes that need to be considered
  • How much standing vs. seating space
  • How much equipment will need to be incorporated (i.e. laptops, pads, fridge, water cooler, drinks facilities, bar)
  • How many power points are required
  • What are your Wi-Fi requirements?
  • Are you planning to re-use your stand?
  • The budget you’re working with
  • The timings and deadlines that you are working to
  • Plus, any other special requests or requirements you may have

Like event management, exhibition stand design can be a highly-pressurised. How you plan can help make the whole process more manageable and enable you to account for all eventualities too.  It also helps to work with a trusted stand builder who can advise you on improvements and point out anything you might have missed.

Have you got an exhibition stand brief you need turning into reality? We’d love to help. Contact us today on 0113 2897733 or info@sharmanshaw.co.uk.


How to write a winning exhibition stand brief