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Quick and easy social media tips to supercharge your exhibition appearances

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Social media tips to supercharge your exhibition appearances

Great exhibition stand design is undoubtedly the ultimate secret weapon in getting you noticed by prospects (instead of the competition) in packed exhibition halls.

But did you know about the other secret weapon that’s also right up there in helping you stand out?

It’s social media. And while it may have stealthily filtered into your personal life like a secret assassin (as you find yourself unconsciously scrolling through your Facebook feed for the fifth time today), there’s no reason why it should stay confined to personal usage.

Lots of exhibitors use social channels to ramp up their show presence and organise their exhibition appearances, using really simple, yet highly effective tactics. Let’s take a look at some of the best social media tips for exhibitions:

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  • Set up team chats to manage pre-exhibition appearance planning
  • Provide external suppliers, such as exhibition stand designers, refreshment companies, printers etc. with group updates and vice versa
  • Share photography and videos with people back in the office for uploading to other social media channels to provide real-time content







Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Create a buzz with pre-event posts leading up to the day itself
  • Before the exhibition, send personal stand invitations to LinkedIn connections
  • Provide updates as the day unfolds (include pictures and text) – the key is to keep it regular but relevant
  • Post any thought-provoking industry soundbites, facts or stats your target audience may find interesting
  • If you’re launching a new product, generate excitement with a teaser video








  • Document your appearance in pictures and include plenty of relevant hashtags (hashtags are Insta’s signposts, but use them sparingly, as too many can look messy)
  • Be sure to include images of your stand and branding, as well as official event branding (so people can easily identify where you are)
  • Don’t focus too much on objects, post plenty of people posts, busy stand shots, demos and interaction – put a face to your activity and brand







  • Find out what the show’s official hashtag is and follow it a couple of weeks before the event, as well as any relevant connections associated with it
  • Follow event hashtags and engage with other company’s posts; like, share, reply and join in the conversation
  • Don’t forget to share your own images, text and videos
  • Create your own hashtag – i.e. #SharmanShawAtARVRWorld
  • Post-show, search for the hashtag again and you’ll see all of the tweets linked to it, which will provide you with a list of people who attended and are interested in the show

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. In fact, combining social media and event marketing year-round reportedly boosts clickthrough by 236% (MarketingSherpa). Meanwhile, 87% of companies believe attendees share their event experiences on social (Freeman XP & EMI), providing an even greater chance to get your name out there.

And it’s there for you to use as little or as much as you’d like to amplify your exhibition stand appearances. We’ve only just scratched the surface with the guidance above. There are, of course, more platforms out there and how you choose to harness the potential of social media really is down to your team.

But it’s worth remembering that great exhibition stand design and social media is a winning combination; both working in your favour to boost your overall presence.

If you’d like to find out more about boosting your next exhibition appearance through great stand design, contact us on 0113 2897733 or info@sharmanshaw.co.uk.

Quick and easy social media tips to supercharge your exhibition appearances