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Providing AirTies with an exhibition stand design that was multifunctional, minimalist and more…


How we helped provide AirTies with an exhibition stand design that was multifunctional, minimalist and more… 

We’re called upon for our exhibition stand design expertise by clients far and wide.

From the exhibition and museum, to retail and interiors sectors, we’re always applying our exhibition stand design brains to all manner of projects.

The nature of the projects we work on vary by the day and so too does the way we work with our clients. We either work directly with individuals and businesses or team up with organisations and work together with them for their clients, like we did when we worked with Lamp & Pencil.

Lamp & Pencil are a creative agency that specialise in bringing the theatrical magic that transforms art, conference and event-related ideas into reality. They reached out to us to help them deliver a brief for one of their clients, AirTies, who were exhibiting at the IBC Amsterdam event for four days.

Multifunctional and minimalist

As a leader within their field, AirTies was looking to make a real impact at the show and one of the ways they wanted to achieve this was through their exhibition stand design.

At 70m2, AirTies’ stand was sizeable, which was guaranteed to help get them noticed. And their vision for the space, mapped out with the help of Lamp & Pencil, was designed to enable them to do just that.

Multifunctional and minimalist were two of the key design requirements, and this is how we helped deliver it…


A vision in white (and black)

From the front desk to the walls and private meeting areas, the entire stand was painted white, which instantly made the space feel bright, spacious and modern.

The white colour scheme was continued through to the minimalist, modern-shaped seats and stools, tables and chairs, further adding to the contemporary feel.

AV screens were fitted at the entrance and towards the middle of the stand which, when paired with the LED downlight feature, spotlights and modern typography, gave the stand a really stylish, up-to-the-minute feel about it.

And while 90% of the stand was white, the floor was painted black. This created impact and complemented the predominantly black AirTiles logo hanging above the stand.


The extra special design bits….

Multifunctional and minimalist can mean just that and nothing more, or it can be multifunctional and minimalist – with a design twist.

You may have noticed something else about this particular exhibition stand design. Black and white aren’t the only colours to have been incorporated within the space. There’s an injection of pink lighting in one area, which isn’t any old area, but a bar!

Every square inch of this exhibition stand design works, thanks to the carefully considered use of space, colours and fixtures. And this approach provided AirTies with a stand that ticked the multifunctional and minimalist boxes on so many levels. Wouldn’t you agree?

Got any questions or want to discuss your exhibition stand design requirements with us? Contact us on 0113 2897733 or mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk



Providing AirTies with an exhibition stand design that was multifunctional, minimalist and more…