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Insider ideas for showcasing products on exhibition stands

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Insider ideas for showcasing products on exhibition stands

Exhibitions are the ideal arenas to not just tell people about how great your products are, but show them how great they are too. But with so many exhibitors all wanting to push their products to potential customers, you can’t guarantee your products will get noticed.

However, there are certain ‘insider’ tactics you can implement during the exhibition stand design phase that will enable you to really showcase your products. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

IDEA 1: Less is more

If you have multiple products, then you may be tempted to show them all off on your exhibition stand.

However, while your product range may be impressive, displaying everything can make your stand look cluttered. This can be confusing, and well, just too much for passers-by to take in. If you have multiple products to choose from, consider exhibiting your biggest sellers or your newest creations.

Don’t forget, you can always refer people to your other products when you speak to them. Alternatively, you can signpost them to find out more about the rest of your range within your on-stand marketing materials.


IDEA 2: Demonstrate your products

People buy from people. Think back to the times when you’ve been at exhibitions and seen swarms of people crowding around demonstration tables? These people may not have necessarily understood what they were watching or be 100% interested, but they would have been instinctively drawn to stopping by and seeing what all of the fuss was about.

Live demos are a great way of injecting an air of excitement to your stand, encouraging people to look over and see what you’re all about, and showcasing how your products work in more detail. If you’re considering going down the demo route then you may want to elevate your demonstrations by creating a dedicated demo space.

IDEA 3: Light the way

lamp-and-pencil-exhibition-standGood lighting is one of the fundamentals of successful exhibition stand design. And with lighting technology becoming more advanced by the day, more-and-more exhibitors are using it to showcase their products.

When it comes to grabbing people’s attention, very few things are more effective than lighting. You can use spotlights to create a main focal point or position uplights on display cases to highlight your products. Or you may even decide to light up your exhibition stand in your brand colours perhaps?

Lighting played a huge role in a stand we designed for AirTies, who were exhibiting at the IBC Amsterdam four-day event. AV screens were paired with LED downlights, spotlights and modern typography, creating an effortlessly stylish look. The vast majority of the stand followed a black and white colour scheme, which was accompanied by an eye-catching flash of pink right above the bar. You’ll find more details about it here…‘Providing AirTies with an exhibition stand that was multifunctional, minimalist and more…’

IDEA 4: Build around your products

If your vision is for your products to be at the heart of your exhibition stand, then one way you can make sure this happens is to build your stand around them.

Take JCB, for instance, at their visitor centre we created for them featured a life-size JCB digger right in the centre, which generated lots of interest from visitors!

But your products don’t have to be JCB-sized to create an impact. Strategically positioning them so that they’re the first thing people see and then working outwards from that focal point is a tried-and-tested method we’ve implemented for countless clients.


IDEA 5: Zoom in on smaller products

If your products are on the smaller, more intricate scale, there stands a good chance they will be easily overlooked by passers-by.

Clever lighting can work wonders and so too can visual technology, such as LED screens and wall and floor graphics. And when you combine all of these elements together, the end result can be hugely effective. Large screens and graphics are also particularly useful if your stand gets busy and not everybody can get close enough to your products to see them. Equally, on-stand marketing takeaways, such as product brochures, are always good to have on hand at all times.

Showcasing your products at exhibitions isn’t without its challenges, but it’s certainly achievable. For more ideas or to discuss your exhibition stand design requirements with us, contact us on 0113 289 7733 or mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk.

Insider ideas for showcasing products on exhibition stands