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How to impress your exhibition stand visitors


How to impress your exhibition stand visitors

Exhibition stands are a lot like retail stores.

They entice shoppers in and, when they do, make sure they leave feeling happy with plans to return again sometime soon. In the meantime, they tell their friends and family about their wonderful experience.

The same can be said for your exhibition stand. You encourage exhibition ‘shoppers’ to stop off at your stand and, if your ‘shop floor’ is appealing and welcoming enough, they’ll spend time browsing through your wares. And, if their experience has been a positive one, they’ll go off and tell their fellow exhibition visitors and other contacts all about it.

Delve a bit deeper beyond the initial shiny exterior of the world of retail and you’ll find bright lights and impressive displays aren’t the only areas in which both worlds share common ground. It’s the day-to-day interaction with shoppers, the meeting and greeting, the providing a service with a smile. In other words, it’s the customer experience.


The customer is always right

We’re sure you’re familiar with the phrase ‘the customer is always right’ and while it tends to be linked to the world of retail and hospitality, it’s always worth having it in the back of your mind when you’re exhibiting too.

Adopting this type of mindset will instantly make sure you provide stand visitors with a warm welcome which, in turn, will make them feel more at ease about checking out what you’re all about. A smile and a ‘hello’ may be really simple actions that many of us take for granted, but can actually encourage visitors to make that move from briefly stopping by your stand, to actually standing on it, taking a look around and chatting to you.

However, it’s important you’re sincere. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat or tripping over yourself to greet visitors will most certainly make them feel daunted by you. It’s in the same league as giving them a sales pitch the second they make eye contact.

You should also look the part as well as talk the part. If you want your company to come across as being professional, then make sure your exhibition team is dressed professionally.

Lots of companies we’ve worked do this by kitting their teams out in a uniform. Everybody’s dressed consistently and it’s clear to visitors which stand they’re on. (Note – while it may be more affordable to dig out previous years’ uniforms, make sure they still carry your current company branding. There’s nothing more unprofessional looking than seeing a stand emblazoned with the latest logo and messaging and staff dressed in shirts that have got last year’s branding on them. It’s a real schoolboy error).


So, we’ve covered the best way to greet stand visitors and how to look the part

It’s pointers like these that will help attract people to your stand, but how do you go about encouraging them to spend time on it once they’ve wandered over?

You don’t want to scare them off, but you do want to interact with them. And what better way to impress them (and get their attention) than by engaging in relevant conversation with them.

You may want to have a team script for people to loosely follow or you may want to take visitors through a short questionnaire or a short quiz. Whatever method you choose, it’s essential you’ve thought about what matters the most to them and that it shows that you’ve done your research on their sector and the type of challenges they’re up against when you speak to them.

But if you don’t fancy solely relying on the art of conversation to draw people in, then there are plenty of ways you can add value, such as holding practical demos (which are perfect for breaking the ice), workshops and breakout sessions, as well as Q&As.

Not everybody will want to chat away to you, but if you keep the conversation short, sweet and highly relevant, then you can’t go far wrong

We hope the advice we’ve just shared will set you on the right path to impress your exhibition stand visitors for many years to come. Many exhibitors make the mistake of putting all of their blood, sweat and tears into their stands, but it’ll only go so far with impressing your visitors.

Thinking about how you’re going to look, greet and interact with them, is the other part of the equation that can guarantee your visitors do more than just a spot of window shopping.

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How to impress your exhibition stand visitors