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Helping Forbo Flooring make an impact at Clerkenwell Design Week

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Helping Forbo Flooring make an impact at Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week took place back in May in London. Based in the trendy North London borough of Clerkenwell, the annual event is a festival, celebrating the rich creativity of design in the local area and beyond.

Featuring dozens of exciting installations and exhibitions, the event draws in hundreds of visitors and plenty of interest from around the country. It’s the perfect chance for local businesses and designers to demonstrate what they’ve been working on.

Forbo Flooring is a global designer of flooring systems whose London showroom is based in Clerkenwell. As a part of Clerkenwell Design Week, they created an exciting installation for their entrance, as well as a series of smaller displays inside the showroom.

‘Ready to flock ‘n’ roll’

Forbo’s focus for the event was the art of flocking.

Flotex is their range of flocked flooring products, which provide a unique floor covering for a range of retail and commercial settings. With lots of new bright colours and surface designs available, the objective was to show a different side of the product.

In order to surprise their showroom guests and teach them something new about the art of flocking, Forbo wanted to include a number of flocked items as the centrepieces of their display.

The largest piece we supplied was the 3D zebra-stripe flocked strip (top of this page), which was fixed to the front of the store. Shaped like a cascading strip of flooring, the dramatic installation also ran across the pavement and helped to draw curious visitors inside for a closer look.

Once inside, there were a series of flooring samples and flocked items for them to examine, as well as plenty of staff on hand to talk about the Flotex range in more detail. There was even an area where visitors could try flocking an object for themselves.

We created a number of individually flocked ornaments for Forbo to exhibit, including an electric blue fox and a pink pineapple. These items were flocked at our Leeds facility, before being delivered and installed at the showroom in time for the opening of the event.

The stand generated plenty of interest and got people talking about flocking and its potential. Most importantly, was the thought and creativity that went into the stand’s installation. This helped to show people a different side to Forbo and their products, positioning them as market innovators at the cutting-edge of their industry.

Do you have a display project upcoming? Whether it’s a retail space or a standalone exhibition stand, we can help. We create bespoke designs for events, launches and store displays, built around your unique objectives. Simply tell us what you’d like to achieve on 0113 289 7733 or mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk.

Helping Forbo Flooring make an impact at Clerkenwell Design Week