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5 features every exhibition stand design should have

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inolex-exhibition-standMake sure your exhibition stand design always has these features…

Your business’ exhibition stand is more than a backdrop.

It’s a tool to help your team make sales and meet new prospects. It’s also what people will remember you by. As such, careful planning should go into its design to make sure it’s ideally equipped for the task at hand.

Every exhibition is different, as is every brand, and your stand design should take this into account. However, there are a few common boxes that every design should tick. The most effective stand designs are eye-catching, draw in the crowds and spark conversations.

We design and build hundreds of exhibition stands for clients all over the world each year. In our experience, every exhibition should always incorporate these key features…

MEDA EAACI Barcelona 2015

FEATURE 1: Big, bold branding

Making the most from your exhibition stand space means getting your branding seen far and wide.

Be big, bold and bright when it comes to your branding. And be illuminated too if it’s an option! Your branding should turn heads and be memorable. This is especially important if you’re exhibiting at an exceptionally large event and want customers and prospects to spot you among the masses.


FEATURE 2: Digital displays

The best way to catch people’s eye is with moving images. Video and digital displays are hugely effective way to share information where time is limited. In fact, 72% of people prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a video than reading text.

Technology is an absolute must for the modern day exhibition stand design and a digital display is one of the easiest ways to tick this box. Use your digital screen to demonstrate products, play video testimonials, share statistics or loop feed information – whatever the message, a digital display will help you say it visually.


FEATURE 3: A place to talk

Much thought goes into attracting a steady flow of new visitors at exhibitions, but you shouldn’t forget about those visitors who stick around on-stand. Events tend to involve long, busy and tiring days and there are so many ways you can tap into this with your stand design.

Include somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit down away from the hustle and bustle of the main event. Better yet, provide some complementary refreshments. This will help encourage people to stick around, take in your branding and messaging, and chat to you for longer.


FEATURE 4: Resources to demonstrate your expertise

Whatever it is you’re selling, be it a product, skill or service, find a way to demonstrate its unique benefits. It’s often said that people buy from people, but sales patter alone won’t cut it if you want to convert visitors into paying customers.

Your stand design should include something that enables you to prove the value of your products and services. This could be a video or live demonstration, an interactive experience or something as simple as printed sales materials. Just make sure it’s compelling and relevant to your target audience.


FEATURE 5: A point of difference

This is perhaps the hardest thing to achieve, but one of the most beneficial aspect of stand design when executed correctly. Having a unique point of difference on-stand immediately sets you apart from the rest of the exhibitors and helps you create a buzz around your exhibition space.

It could be a simple offering, like a delicious drink or snack, or something entertaining like a performance, guest, competition, photo booth or game. But the best USPs on stand are one-of-a-kind, so dig deep and think about your audience. What interests them? What inspires them? Find a way to wow them and you’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.

We hope these 5 ideas have helped you think about the fundamentals of effective exhibition stand design. If you’d like any further advice, you can contact our design experts on 0113 289 7733 or mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk.

5 features every exhibition stand design should have