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Why branded exhibition stand workwear is always a winner


Why branded exhibition stand workwear is always a winner

Brand awareness is relevant to all businesses, yet some are better than others at generating it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to accomplish. It just takes time, resource and a little creativity. Effective campaigns can include large-scale tactics, like Japanese clothing company, Uniqlo, sponsoring free admission to the Museum of Modern Art every Friday. This enabled them to get their name in front of a new audience.

Another example includes mobile passenger app, Uber, and one of its initial brand awareness tactics of providing free rides to well-connected attendees of local tech and venture capital events. Clever-thinking hey?!

However, the thing about brand awareness is that it doesn’t always have to involve grand gestures to achieve success. The main thing is that it’s factored into business’ overall marketing strategies.

And it’s a rule that also applies to exhibition stand design, from the stand itself to the clothes that are worn by the people manning the stands.

Branded workwear is an effective, not to mention, cost-effective way of getting your brand out there compared to other branded-workwearmarketing activities

It’s also a tried-and-trusted marketing tactic too. Think about all of the companies you interact with on a regular basis. From the cashier who served you at the supermarket and the delivery person who delivered your most recent Amazon order, to the conductor who checked your train ticket. They will have all been wearing some form of uniform.

And wearing a uniform is a great way to boost brand awareness, especially if you want to stand out in a busy exhibition hall. Even if it just means staff are wearing the same top, it’s still another place to showcase your company logo and colours.

Other reasons for going down the branded workwear route, include:

  • Staff unity – providing employees/stand members with a branded outfit is just one of the ways you can instantly generate team spirit, as well as make staff feel part of the team.
  • Professional image – making the right first impression counts, especially when you’re on an exhibition stand and literally have just a matter of seconds to encourage people to engage with you. And being greeted by a team that’s all wearing company-branded clothing looks far more professional than staff who are simply kitted out in black trousers and a shirt.
  • Visitor reassurance – being approached by stand staff who are wearing company branding instantly makes the staff appear trustworthy and reassures visitors that they’re in the right place.
  • Employee motivation – branded workwear can help motivate stand members by instilling a sense of professional pride and belonging. What’s more, if employees look and feel great, they’re more likely to perform better. You may even want to go that one step further by personalising employees’ branded workwear by having their names embroidered on their uniform, which will add an extra special touch.

We live in an increasingly-visual world where the average person gets distracted in eight seconds and people form a first impression in just 50 milliseconds (WebDAM). The stakes are high, but they’re not impossibly high. Particularly when you tap into effective marketing methods, such as branded exhibition stand workwear. What will your team be wearing to your next exhibition?

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Why branded exhibition stand workwear is always a winner