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7 of the best trade show booth giveaway ideas

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7 of the best trade show booth giveaway ideas

Trade show booth giveaway ideas are plentiful and present a highly effective way of generating leads at exhibitions. And many are a far cry from pens and notepads that used to be popular several years back.


While giveaways may be free, they shouldn’t feel cheap as this can negatively impact brand identity. They should positively reinforce your brand by ticking some of these boxes:

  • Relevant
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Portable
  • Innovative
  • Useful

Ultimately, promotional items should always focus on your target audience and their needs, and be of interest to them. The best trade show giveaways also help attract people to your exhibition stand and leave a positive lasting impression.

Here’s our pick of some of the best trade show booth giveaway ideas of the moment…



1. Branded snacks

Sweets and other nibbles are one of those indispensable giveaways that are always needed at some point. I.e. when exhibition fatigue kicks in or to provide a sugar boost during through those afternoon presentations and demos….




2. Branded drinks

The same goes for drinks too. Walking around exhibition halls is thirsty work and it’s inevitable people will need to quench their thirst at some point. Branded water or juice is the perfect pick-me-up, and if it’s not consumed there and then, it’s bound to come in handy another day.




3. Travel mugs

People these days are forever rushing around with a coffee/hot drink in their hand. Tap into this trend by providing them with an eco-friendly, reusable coffee mug they can use time-and-time again.




4. Power bank chargers

We live in a digital age where people are constantly connected to technology. And when you’re at an exhibition, it’s not long before your phones, iPads and other mobile devices become flat. Power bank chargers can save the day, and are more likely to be used multiple times over.




5. Branded bags

The widespread ban on plastic bags means more people are using their own bags when they go shopping. Help them out by providing them with a branded fully recyclable bag they can use to carry their promotional exhibition literature, and their groceries, at a later point too.




6. Smartphone accessories

Most people don’t go very far without their smartphones or other tech. One way you can make sure your brand is front of mind every time they use their phone, is by providing them with a branded smartphone wallet or a tablet holder.




7. An experience

If you’re after something a little different, why not have an experience or interactive activity on stand? This could be a bit of fun like a branded photobooth or gif generator, or something more practical like a short trail of your best-selling product.



Whereas giveaways may have once just been a pad or a pen, companies these days are trying to make sure their on-stand goodies fit within their marketing strategy more. This is paving the way for more creative giveaways with a longer life span, although it’s important they still tick the budget-friendly and portable boxes.

Regardless of the sector you work in, we believe your exhibition stand should look exceptional and be built around your target audience. If you’d like to talk to us about your next event, simply send us an email mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk.

7 of the best trade show booth giveaway ideas