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5 reasons why we’re your perfect (exhibition stand design) partner

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5 reasons why we’re your perfect (exhibition stand design)

It’s February, the month when Valentine’s Day love is in the air. With our thoughts turning to perfect partnerships, we thought there’s no time like the present to spend a few minutes highlighting why we’re the ideal – exhibition stand design – partner.

REASON 1: We’re more than clued up on exhibition stand design

That’s because we’ve been living and breathing it for more than 25 years. From local conference halls to global trade arenas, we’ve been designing and installing ground-breaking exhibition stands for companies around the world much longer than most. (Learn more about our capabilities).

REASON 2: We’re always thinking outside of the box

Standard exhibition stands may be linear in shape, but that doesn’t mean our thinking has to be.

We’re continuously pushing the boundaries to produce exhibitions for our clients that stand out beyond those standard four walls and get them noticed. Give us a brief and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

stand-buildersREASON 3: We know what works

We deliver our winning exhibition stand designs internationally and for clients sector-wide. Because of this, we’ve seen first-hand what works – and doesn’t work – along the way and use this insight to instinctively make recommendations that work on multiple levels.

REASON 4: We’re easy to get along with

We take the time to listen to you and understand your brief and then we work collaboratively with you on delivering it. If you need us to take on more responsibility, such as dealing with the electrics and logistics, then we will. And if you need to pick our brain on the latest best practice advice, we’ll happily share that with you too. (Find out more about what it’s like to work with us).

REASON 5: We’re results-driven

Our aim is to make sure you achieve the best return on your exhibition stand design investment. We take full accountability for our designs and work and are 100% focused on making sure you get the best possible results from your stand. Your success is our success and it’s crucial to us that your stand truly shines. (Check out our projects gallery)

Want to partner with us for your next exhibition stand? For more details about our services or to discuss your exhibition stand design requirements with us, contact us on mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk or 0113 289 773.

5 reasons why we’re your perfect (exhibition stand design) partner