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5 quick and easy ways to make your exhibition stand more engaging


5 quick and easy ways to make your exhibition stand more engaging

Your exhibition stand is what you make it. The more time, effort and consideration you put into it, the greater the success you’ll reap from it.

Equally, the less time and thought you put into it, the less likely it is that it’s going to stand out from the many other displays and stands that are all vying for everybody’s attention too.

If you want to engage more people at your next event appearance, there’s no denying the fact that you need to make sure your exhibition stand is engaging. Here are 5 ways you can quickly and easily make it happen:

1. Don’t squander your space

How much space is available to you? And how can you make sure you maximise every square inch of it? For instance, you may decide to have a reception area where you can meet and greet people or a breakout or private area where you can do business, or both.

Your stand should be designed to easily cater for plenty of people at once, so you’re able to deal with a steady stream of visitors. Crowding people into one area could potentially put others off, which is the last thing you want.

 2. Look the part

Now this is where you can really stand out from the crowd. The look and feel of your stand is one of the main things that can make all the difference between you turning people’s heads and being completely overlooked.

What’s the overall impression that you want people to get from your stand when they look at it? Does it make you look professional? What key messages do you want to get across? Where is your branding going to fit into the equation?

Your stand may be more traditional or you may decide to go with an edgier design. There’s no right or wrong route, they both have the potential to draw people in, providing everything’s delivered to a high standard. Anything less, and you could wind up standing out for all of the wrong reasons…


3. Be visual

Visuals and graphics are a highly effective way of catching people’s eye, as well as communicating what you want to say to them in an instant.

Video footage and colourful graphics are just two of the ways you can convey what you want to say to people in a flash, as well as make sure your stand makes more of a lasting impact on them at the same time.

Visuals are also a great way to reinforce your brand colours, as well as your overall branding which, in turn, can help make your stand more memorable overall.

4. Think detail

Your exhibition stand may only be in place for a couple of days or weeks, but that doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the finer details.

It’s the stands that incorporate quirky design features and have been carefully designed throughout that impress people and stick in their mind. What additional fixtures and fittings do you require? Do you need sofas, bar stools, small tables or one large table? What type of lighting will showcase your products at their very best? Are you going to be offering any giveaways, such as branded biscuits or stationery, and, if so, how are you going to make them stand out and look appealing?

These finer details are so easy to overlook, yet they really can, and do, make all the difference when it comes to creating a show-stopping stand.


5. Be different

Yes, exhibition stands are usually generic structures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t push the boundaries when it comes to designing yours. In fact, it’s something we do, day in, day out.

So, what do we mean by ‘be different’? Precisely that, make your stand unique and it’s going to stand out from the others. Research your competitors, what have they done in the past, what could they be potentially doing now and how can you turn it on its head?

Other than freebies, what can you offer that’s really different? That will make people want to seek out your stand and remember you afterwards? Perhaps you may want to give a talk or live demonstrations of your product(s)?

Don’t be limited by your exhibition space. As we said at the start of this post, use every single inch of your space wisely and if that involves pushing the boundaries, then go ahead and do it. Enlist the help of exhibition design specialists, who have the insight and experience to be able to turn your vision (no matter how imaginative) it may be, into reality.

Got any questions or want some more advice on making your next stand highly engaging on all levels? Contact us today on 0113 289 7733 or mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk.

5 quick and easy ways to make your exhibition stand more engaging