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[Checklist] 4 proven steps for driving footfall to your exhibition stand

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Exhibition Stand Footfall Tips

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[Checklist] 4 proven steps for driving footfall to your exhibition stand

So, you’ve signed up to a major trade show or exhibition, great work, that’s one of the main steps sorted.

But that’s only the starting point. As obvious as it sounds, if you want your involvement to be a success, then you’ll need to do much more than simply signing up and thinking about the event a week before it’s due to take place.

Successful exhibition stands attract a constant stream of visitors, multiple leads and plenty of interest in the products and/or services that are being showcased. This level of interest isn’t generated by luck or chance, it’s the result of the planning and preparation you put into your exhibition stand design.

Take a look at the steps listed below. They’re designed to give you a head start with your exhibition stand planning, as well as help increase footfall on the day:


STEP 1: Take a fresh look at things

Your exhibition stand is your main prop and therefore needs to be as good as it possibly can be. But, if you’ve been dusting it off and wheeling it back out year-after-year without a second thought, then you could really be missing a trick.

When was the last time you looked at your stand objectively? Does it have the wow factor or has it become a bit worn and dated without you even realising it? If you’re struggling to look at it from a neutral perspective, then don’t be afraid to ask the experts (like our friendly team) what they think.

STEP 2: Appeal to people’s imagination

Think about the exhibition stands that have really stuck in your mind, they’ll have done so for a reason. Perhaps it was because they incorporated bright, bold branding or the latest technology and gadgets?

If you can capture people’s imaginations and get them thinking, then you’re well on the way to getting them to check out your stand. Your ideas don’t have to be too elaborate either. For instance, you could try:

• A large, branded header
• Video demonstrations
• Display boards featuring eye-catching statistics, words or images

Visuals and graphics are processed by the brain faster and easier than text, making them a really powerful way of getting your message across. According to OneSpot, 65% of people are visual learners and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

STEP 3: Push the boundaries

A little imagination goes a long way in the exhibition world, so don’t be afraid to try something that’s new for your business or even an industry-first.

Exhibition stands can quickly all blend into one when people are making their way through halls-upon-halls of them, making it incredibly important for yours to stand out from the rest. Use every single square inch of the space that’s available to you and consider how you can present what may be a generic structure differently.

Perhaps you could install giant models of your products? Or maybe you could make elements of your stand interactive or use sound, robotics or 3D technology to attract attention? The more unusual the feature, the more likely you are to turn heads.

STEP 4: Step into the spotlight

The most successful exhibition stands are a hive of activity and have a genuine buzz about them. More often than not, this is created by the stand owners putting themselves out there. And it isn’t that difficult to do, you just need to think that bit more creatively about how your stand’s going to function and the role people are going to play on it.

Live demos, talks on the hour and interactive activities and games are all great ways of shining the spotlight on your stand and generating noise that will make people turn on their heel and look at what you’re doing. And, as we all know, as soon as one or two people start to wander over, others will soon follow…

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[Checklist] 4 proven steps for driving footfall to your exhibition stand