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Our top 3 exhibition stand design predictions for 2020

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Our top 3 exhibition stand design predictions for 2020

Exhibition stand design is rapidly-evolving as different trends continue to come and go, each taking on a slightly different direction depending on the sector in which they’ve been unveiled.

2019 has been no exception, particularly from our perspective, as we’ve helped even more companies turn heads and generate leads with highly creative and innovative exhibition stand designs.

We’re sure 2020 will mean more of the same for the exhibition design industry – bigger, brighter and better stands that will further build upon the successes of the last 12 months. And, as always, certain trends will dominate more than most, including the 3 we’ve listed below:


PREDICTION 1: Tech will reign supreme

We’re operating in an increasingly digital era that’s developing at an unprecedented rate. Tech has already made its way into the exhibition stand design world where we predict it will continue to make its mark in 2020 and way beyond that.

We’re thinking… more live video streaming, touchscreen tables, apps, gamification, triggered motion sensor tech, interactive screens, holographic displays, augmented reality smart glasses and virtual reality headsets. Tech has already significantly transformed exhibition stand design, who knows what the next 2 to 3 three years will bring. (For ideas on making your stand more techy, check out our blog, ‘3 ideas for adding tech to your exhibition stand design.’)

MEDA EAACI Barcelona 2015

PREDICTION 2: Customer centricity will fuel stand strategies  

Gone are the days when the correct branding was your only concern for your stand design. These days, 2020 included, the stands that get noticed are those that have been designed with the customer in mind.

Customer-centric stand design is an essential 21st century design trend in which companies put themselves in the shoes of their customer to create spaces that have been built around them. Brands that are committed to customer centricity focus on what the customer wants and needs and then develop products and services around that, exhibition stand design included. And if you need a little help with switching into customer-centric mode, simply look at Amazon, which has successfully built its brand around its customers. This quote from Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, demonstrates just how important being customer-centric is to them:

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

PREDICTION 3: Sustainability will become more of a key factor

On the same day that we wrote this post, research published by IDG revealed sustainability is a key priority for many this Christmas, with 71% of shoppers saying they’re going to take specific action to reduce their environmental impact over the season. Global issues, including plastic pollution and climate change, have resulted in people making more of a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint and this outlook applies to exhibition stand design too.

We’ve seen a rise in the number of customers wanting to make more sustainable stands, which we’re sure will continue over the coming months. There are lots of ways sustainable stand design can be implemented, from creating structures that can be reused time and again (like the stand above), using recycled or recyclable materials, incorporating energy-efficient lights and technology, using digital marketing collateral and handing out sustainable gifts, such as reusable water bottles or coffee cups. (You’ll find more inspiration right here).

Got any questions or want to find out more about implementing these predictions into your 2020 stand design? Contact us on 0113 2897733 or mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk

Our top 3 exhibition stand design predictions for 2020