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3 reasons to say ‘yes’ to an interior refurbishment


We’ve been designing, developing, manufacturing, distributing and installing high quality exhibition, museum and retail displays for more than 25 years.

Our team of experts are focused on making sure you stand out from the crowd and make the right impact wherever you are off-site.

But that’s only half of the picture.

You see, while we’re here to help make sure you shine at your annual exhibition, industry conference or quarterly organisation-wide convention, we can also transform your working environments too.


We offer a complete office interior refurbishment and design service, creating and installing innovative, cutting-edge interiors.

Over the years, countless organisations from all different sectors and of all different sizes have benefited from our extensive interior refurbishment and design know-how. And there are numerous benefits to revamping your interior workspace, starting with these:


REASON #1: Happier staff

Yes, it’s an obvious point, but it’s a really crucial one. Nobody likes working in dreary, dated and tired-looking working environments, do they?

The more comfortable and inviting your workspace, the more likely it is that staff are going to enjoy being there plus, it’s one more reason for them to stick around for longer too.

What’s more, invest in your interiors and you’re not only showing staff that you care about their welfare, but that you value them too.


REASON #2: Increased motivation

Working somewhere you like, that makes you feel positive and inspired, means you’re more likely to feel more motivated to do your work.

For instance, working environments that feature breakout areas, separate quiet spaces and are painted in eye-catching colours and designs are far more inspiring (not to mention appealing overall), than plain white walls and rows-upon-rows of desks.

It’s also possible to make sure your working space is designed around the culture of your organisation too. We analyse workplaces and, in doing so, we’re able to establish a thorough understanding of the organisations we work with and their needs.

Using a number of tools, we then examine how companies operate now and, most importantly, how they wish to operate in the future. The results of this process can often be surprising and inform key decisions relating to workplace and property requirements.


REASON #3: Greater ROI

Many companies get to the point where they feel that they’ve outgrown their working environments and need to find something larger, which is obviously a huge commitment for many reasons.

However, in some circumstances, it’s possible to get a greater return on your investment from your existing space – and save yourself the cost and hassle of having to relocate to pastures new. Simply by reconfiguring your working area(s), you can unlock any wasted space and make sure every square metre is working in your favour. It’s also possible to make sure your working environment is fit for purpose now, and in the future too.


When was the last time you reviewed your working environment? Is it being used to its full potential? And is it having the right impact on staff? For more details or to discuss your interior refurbishment or design requirements with us, contact us on 0113 289 7733 or mail@sharmanshaw.co.uk.


3 reasons to say ‘yes’ to an interior refurbishment