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8 Questions you need to be asking your exhibition stand builder

An exhibition stand isn’t a simple purchase. It takes time, planning and careful consideration in order to meet the objectives of your whole organisation.

When we are approached by a new business or agency to tender for a particular event, their team always come armed with dozens of questions – and rightfully so! This initial conversation is the best way to ensure your exhibition stand builder is on the same page as you and it’s extremely important to clarify your expectations at the start of the process.

Every business has their own priorities, but we’ve pulled together some of the questions we regularly get asked to give you an idea:


Q: Can you accommodate this specific custom features into the design?

A: Yes, we create completely bespoke features. We have a skilled production team that includes carpenters, electricians, decorators and welders, so whatever weird and wonderful idea you’d like to realise, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Q: How much can I input into the design process?

A: Simply put – as much or as little as you need. We regularly work with businesses who have a very prescriptive idea of what they need, whilst also providing advice and guidance to clients who want to tap into our wealth of exhibition stand design experience.

Q: Will I get to see my exhibition stand design in good time?

A: Yes, from the word ‘go’ we will share detailed visual plans to ensure that the stand design meets with your approval. Where necessary, we can provide samples and 3D mockups for consideration. Not only does this mean that the process is completely transparent, but it provides your team with plenty of materials to aid internal buy-in.


Q: Can you arrange details like refreshments and branded giveaways?

A: Yes, if necessary. Some clients come to us with preferred suppliers; others have specifications from the exhibition or event venue. We are completely flexible and offer the option to arrange these details for you – if required – giving you one less thing to think about!

Q: Who will we speak to with any questions throughout the project?

A: You will have a dedicated account manager throughout the process. This means that a) you liaise with the same person and b) they get to know the project and take on your objectives. We find that this helps the finer details of your exhibition stand to be realised as accurately as possible.

Q: Will I have to be involved in any of the logistics in the run up the event?

A: No, you can leave that to us. We build, pack and deliver everything, no matter where the location. We have a range of different vehicles to accommodate delivery of exhibition stands of all size. This is agreed at the beginning of the process.


Q: Do we have to arrange or pay for the set-up and take-down?

A: Again, no. We will liaise with the event organisers, the venue and their schedules. Our installation team will be on site to construct and deconstruct your exhibition stand within the required time frames.

Q: How can we be sure we will get what’s promised to us on the day?

A: Aside from our proven track record and more than 25 years’ experience, we are certified by the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA). ESSA is an industry trade body who recognises and regulates event suppliers, ensuring that they deliver the goods they say they will.

Got something that hasn’t been covered? Get in touch with one of our friendly team and we’ll answer any of your questions about exhibition stand builders

8 Questions you need to be asking your exhibition stand builder