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5 Steps to help you get the most from your exhibition stand space


A good exhibition stand is a real balancing act. Balance your ambitions with the space (and budget!) available, and you’re onto a winner. But get it wrong, and your exhibition stand could end up costing you more than it’s worth.

Aside from helping you to make a good first impression, your exhibition stand is there to equip your sales team to meet new prospects and make sales. And it should be structured around this very purpose – whatever the size of your space.

To help you get the best value for money out of your exhibition stand space, there are a few steps you should always take during the planning process:

1. Check where your stand will be – and who you’ll be near

Selecting your stand position is crucial. The stands in prime positions – i.e. nearest the entrances and in the centre – will disappear quickly, so decide what your budget is and choose wisely.

Don’t be afraid to ask the event organisers what other companies are nearby, as placing yourself around too many top competitors could leave you fighting for attention. Equally, positioning yourself nearby businesses who offer complementary products and services could help you to attract more relevant prospects.


2. Decide what layout you need your space to be

Another important factor when picking your stand position is deciding whether to opt for an island, corner or aisle side space. Aside from obvious budgetary restrictions, think about what kind of footfall you hope to achieve.

If you’re relying upon meeting as many new prospects as possible, then a corner stand will have a steady flow of footfall and provide you with plenty of outward facing space from which to attract visitors. Whereas an aisle stand will provide you with slightly more privacy if hosting meetings and demonstrating your products is the priority.

When you really need to make your presence known, then an island stand gives you maximum exposure and increased floor space to play with.

3. Prioritise the need, want and nice to haves

Think about everything you possibly want to have on your exhibition stand, from the refreshments, the literature and the products demonstrations, to the number of physical people. Then order everything by priority and importance.

This will help you to choose the most important elements to allocate your spend – and your precious square metres – to during the design stage. An experienced stand builder will help you through this process, advising you on what will fit and what might be unnecessary extras.

4. Think about how you want your space to flow

Your exhibition stand needs to accommodate all the different types of conversation your sales people will have. This may include a private meeting room, a relaxed hospitality area, a demonstration booth and a place to host informal chats – all in one space.

An experienced stand builder will help you to create something versatile and ticks all your boxes. Design features like semi-partition walls, multipurpose seating and even second story floors can help you to maximise your space, helping you to include all the necessary features while keeping everything free-flowing and open.


5. Always see (and agree) a detailed mock up

Once the design wheels are in motion, keeping track of how everything is developing is so important, both to keep costs down and so you know what to expect on the day itself. Make sure you receive a detailed digital mock up at the start of the design process, so you have something to track progress against.

Visual aids like floorplans and 3D drawings will also help you and your sales team to get a feel for the stand ahead of time, so you are prepared to make the most of it when the event comes around.

Creating an exhibition stand that is helps you get the best from your space may feel like a daunting task. But we have a huge wealth of experience you can tap into.

Want our advice for your next exhibition stand? Talk to our friendly team about your ideas and we’ll help you get started.

5 Steps to help you get the most from your exhibition stand space